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Fundraising for schools

Unique School Fundraisers

We offer fundraiser ideas for schools in  the form of fundraiser packages.

Our aim is to help you increase school funds by providing exciting games and fabulous inflatables that everyone can enjoy.

Our trained staff and well maintained equipment means we put a lot of energy into the fundraiser event to ensure both children and parents have a great time while we help you earn extra money from your fundraiser.  

As well as all the energy you require for this fantastic day our staff have a current DBS and experience of working with children so you can be assured the fundraiser  will run smoothly on the day.

All profit raised on the day will be split as agreed upon, you can be sure that we will make a considerable effort in raising funds to give your school the extra money for PTA or local council costs.

Get Active have helped raise money for various school fund raising events across the UK.  One school in Reading raised over £4000 when they undertook the Sport Relief Mile last year.

Fundraiser ideas For Schools
Good fundraisers for schools

Inflatables & Bouncy Castles

We raise funds for schools at fetes with a range of  Inflatables and bouncy castles that will keep kids and parents entertained throughout the fundraising event.

Challenge fundraising attendees with Gladiator Duel the energetic inflatable game that will knock you off your socks!

Budding footballers can show off their free kick specialist skills on our fun sized soccerama shoot out inflatable.

Adults can join in the fun on the gladiator duel and compete for bragging rights on the soccerama shoot-out.

Our staff will make sure everybody who uses the inflatables are kept safe from accidents. 

We regularly maintain our inflatables so that they remain safe and enjoyable every time they are used for fundraising events.

We have fun filled inflatables to create great memories at your fundraising event.

High profit fundraisers for schools

Laser Tag Action Games

 We can use Laser Tag  to run the ultimate action game that can be played anywhere at anytime with 20 children at a time to give a boost to the overall fundraiser total.

Our three most popular games are:

Team Deathmatch (the perfect ice breaker or warm up game)

Domination (tactical planning and team work essential)

Capture the flag (team work and stealth essential)

School fundraisers that make alot of money

Quick Fundraiser ideas

We have plenty of games to help your fundraiser become a roaring success.

We can provide games for large or small venues, indoors and outdoors.

If you would like to hold a charity fund raising event at your school we would love to talk to you about the charity you want to raise money for. We can even help to promote your fundraiser on Facebook.

You can contact us below for any questions you might have about booking us for your fundraiser and which fund raiser ideas will work best for your school.

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