(Unfortunately the Nerf and Laser guns are temporally unavailable due to re-conditioning)


Laser Tag is the ultimate action game that can be played anywhere at anytime. 

With over 15 different missions and 20 different Laser Gun (Phaser) settings we guarantee your event will be one to remember.
Missions can take place indoors or outdoors at Leisure Centre’s, School Halls or your back garden.


Our packages offer great value for money and are fantastic for Birthday Parties, Half Term activities, Fetes & Fairs.
We also offer a variety of packages for Colleges, Universities, Corporate Events, Sports Teams and School Events.
Our state of the art technology will provide you with a safe, realistic experience.

We provide camouflage netting and inflatable blockades. All of our guns fire harmless infrared beams with players wearing sensors on their head meaning players are more agile and the game faster.

Using teamwork, communication, strategic planning and strong leadership will you be the last team standing? A one hour package for 20 children starts at £200. Please note parties are limited to 20 children and only available for children 8 and over.


Our three most popular games are:

Team Deathmatch (the perfect ice breaker or warm up game)

Domination (tactical planning and team work essential)

Capture the flag (team work and stealth essential)

Please note: Laser Tag is only available for children over 8.

For more games and information please contact the office

Our Laser Guns (Phasers) do not use real lasers, the units emit an invisible and harmless infrared beam, similar to a TV remote control.
So unlike paintball, there is no need for safety goggles and there are no projectiles involved. Laser tag is a non-contact sport.
Our Laser Guns (Phasers) are built by Battlefield Sports and each comes with its own Safety Certificate. The system has CE & FCC certification.
Laser Tag gaming can be a strenuous activity and physical exertion may be required.

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