How can we keep our children cool and entertained during the Heatwave?


Take a look at some easy, cheap and homemade water games for children during the summer 2018.

The Met office explains that the heatwave has given us one of the warmest and driest Junes for some time, seeing some of the days breaking records with no sign of cooling down. So, keeping cool is at the top of all our thoughts. Now we know us Britain’s love the hot weather and puts us in a wonderful mood, but us good people of Great Britain still love a good moan! When its cold, we want it hot and when it hot we want it juuust a little bit cooler.

So, we have listed some games you can set up for your children during those hot summer days. Some fun, excitement, learning and above all keeping their body temperatures down a few degrees.

Don’t worry the adults don’t have to miss out on the cool down water games either, these can be for all the family, good fun to make and play.

Giant Splash Pad

Blue tarp

Balls/bath toys


All you need to create a safe splash zone, lay the tarp on the grass lay some of their favourite bath toys & balls, then let the sprinkler work its magic.


Tub of colour

Food Colouring

Large container/bucket

Bath Toys/Balls

Mix some food colouring into some water and fresh, in ether sandwich bags or ice trays, fill the container will water and the toys and then add the coloured ice to the mix. Your little one/s will enjoy watching the colours merge while staying cool.


Water Balloon Bash

Water balloons




Fill the water balloon’s, and tie them to a tree or post (you can even fill with toys or sweets if balloon big enough), issue the blindfold and bat and allow the cooling smash zone commence.


Noodle Sprinkler

Hose pipe

Noodle/larger the better

Put some holes down one side of the noddle, Tape up one end and attached the other with tape to a hose pipe, and just wait for the running and screaming of fun. perfect for those hot hot sunny days of summer. (if you cant get access to a noddle then use an old large water bottle)


Remember to always stay safe in the sun.

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