With the summer holidays over, thoughts turn to the first day back at school. Do they need new shoes? Where’s the uniform? Who is doing the pick up? Where did we leave their school bag? All these questions are before you even start to think about the clubs the children would like to try.

Breakfast & After School Clubs

At Get Active Sports, we are proud to make this decision as easy and hassle free as possible with our flexible, affordable and exciting before and after school clubs (running until 6 pm at most sites).

Our range of activities, combined with sports, socialising and snack time mean we have all bases covered and the answers to your childcare needs are all in one space. With three booking options, we really do cater for every need. 

Fancy sports and arts and crafts? Stay for an hour and enhance those specific skills as we focus on a different sport each day. Need longer care? Then why not book your child in until 6 pm and give them the chance to not only try a new sport but also take part in reading, homework and games time. On top of this, your child will be given a snack and improve their social skills as we focus on communication, manners and team work as all children are given the chance to wash up daily.

Feedback in the last year indicates parents love the flexibility and chance to book on the day care for their child meaning that last minute phone call or an important meeting at work are no longer an issue.

For those who need to be at work early, our relaxed and informal breakfast clubs offer a relaxed start to the day for those who want it. Breakfast is served until 10 minutes before the end of the session and we have reading and games out from the start. For those who have that extra energy first thing in the morning, our coaches are more than happy to set up station games based around your favourite sports.

For more information on our breakfast and after school clubs, please give us a call on 01344 860 868 or drop us a line on office@getactivesports.com.

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