Does your school want to earn some extra money?

If you answered yes you have come to the right company. Get Active have been helping PTAs and local councils raise money through our excellent fete activities.


Why Get Active?Fetes

We offer schools a variety of packages to help with fundraising that include staff, equipment and a lot of energy to ensure both children and parents have a great time!  
Fetes, Inflatables, Laser Tag and many sport related events can be arranged and organised, choose your date and we do the rest.
All profit raised back on the day being split you can be sure to have some extra money for your PTA or local council. We have helped raise money for various schools across the UK.
Get Active helped one school in Reading raise over £4000 when they undertook the Sport Relief Mile last year.

We supply all staff, equipment and bring a lot of energy to ensure both the children and parents alike have a great time on your chosen day.



As well as all the energy you require for this fantastic day our staff have a current DBS and experience of working with children so you can be assured the day will run smoothly.


How to book us

We fully expect you have a date in mind so contact us and we will do the rest for you.

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