Holiday camps are more than just sport

Whilst sports camps have been running for decades now (I remember attending a football camp and receiving my first medal at one!), the benefits for children attending them have developed and diversified from the initial ‘develop sports skills at a camp’ aim. 

So, what are these? As a qualified teacher, the first few weeks back at school is always a trying time. A lot of the learning that had taken place the prior year has sometimes regressed or been locked away at the back of the brain somewhere! Strategies and methods that have been learned are a little rusty and it can take a while to get the cogs into motion (and this is just the teachers!).  As a parent (qualified – I’m not so sure) stimulating the little one’s mind for 6 weeks whilst ensuring she is having fun is always a fine balance. 

Get Active Sports holiday camps offer numerous activities throughout the day – a multitude of sports, themed arts and crafts and team building problem-solving games.  “Fun.  Learn.  Safety. Respect.” – these are the four principles that we promote during the daily camp welcome and throughout a child’s time at our camps.

Up and down the country, schools are required to promote the British Values (per the Department of Education 2014), these are weaved throughout learning and the general environment.  Our four principles tie in with the five strands from the British Values – Democracy, Tolerance of Other Faiths and Beliefs, Mutual Respect, Individual Liberty and Rule of Law.

Children are encouraged and given opportunities throughout the day to demonstrate the Get Active Sports Principles and the British Values.  Making their own decisions, following and helping to create the rules at camp, discussing and sharing ideas with others, learning about other cultures, voting and picking on a variety of choices, use of good manners, furthermore respecting the environment, equipment and others will almost certainly see their team receive thousands of team points.  The idea is that if children feel safe, learn something new and there is respect throughout, then fun and enjoyment should be a natural result of these.

This summer – with this varied spectrum of benefits – over 7000 children attended a Get Active Sports holiday camp and are benefiting a little more now than ‘develop your sports skills at a camp’.  In today’s hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget that children want to have fun but they also want to learn.  Hopefully, for all the teachers and parents out there, the activities, teaching and stimulation we provide for your children at our camps keep their cogs turning, curiosity ticking and their little minds enquiring so that they continue their learning journey whilst also having fun.

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