Get Active Sports Kid’s to Coach’s – Their journey


Get Active Sports Kid’s to Coach’s

There is no better feeling that watching a young person come from School work experience and joining Get Active as a Sports apprentice and growing into a Full time Sports Coach  or in some case’s even being a child at one of our Holiday camps and then joining our team as an Active Care Coach running their own sessions. The journey they take is truly a wonderful one and we couldn’t be more proud to say how much we enjoy watching these young people follow their dreams of working in sport and helping them to make it happen. 

As a business that teaches children to be active and creative weather that be at one of our Holiday camps , or at school during the term time, to be able to say that not only have we taught kid’s to be coach’s by our program starting from a junior leader at camp, to then work experience and then onto a work Sports Coach apprenticeship course ending with a full time experienced member of the team is truly amazing.

We can honestly say , that your child will learn by Get Active Sports NOW and may even lead onto their FUTURE.




Statement – From Callum 
Callum is a full time qualified Coach, joining us all those years ago and worked through to being a fully qualified Sports Coach.

The journey with Get Active Sports

My first involvement with Get Active sports was doing work experience when I was at school. From an early age I always wanted to be a PE teacher. I felt that doing work experience with Get Active Sports would allow me to achieve my goal. After thoroughly enjoying my two weeks work experience with Get Active sports, they offered me a one-year apprenticeship course. I jumped at the chance as it was perfect for me.

During my year apprenticeship I learnt a lot about coaching and I enhanced my skills working in schools and with children. I loved working the holiday camps and PE lessons in the term time.  The apprenticeship offers frequent meetings and catch ups with a suitable manager, or your mentor on the apprenticeship. The coursework side was nothing to worry about, with regular meetings and sessions there was plenty of time to do coursework. I Quickly gained good knowledge, confidence, qualifications and a further enthusiasm to be a PE teacher.

I have now been a full-time coach with Get Active sports for 1 year now and enjoying work every day.

A day in the life of Get Active is always a fun day!

Callum. 😊



Statement – Form Learning to work
Get Active Sports work closely with Learning to work, when it comes to giving school children the chance to gain a real feel for working in sport, they may not chose sport but at least we give them the chance to figure out their options for the future.

Our thanks to Get Active Sport for continually finding suitable ways to involve young people in their work.  Another example of an outstanding team showing the talent of the future the world of work.  Our role at Learning to Work is only possible with the generous donation of time from local businesses.  You are acting as role models for students in education and those at risk of not finding a route into employment.  Thank you for your continued support and always making time for young people in the community.  A great way to give back, thank you from our team.

Caroline Witkowska, Lead Keyworker East Berkshire

Learning to Work is a charitable organisation who facilitate the link between business and education.   Brokering events in and out of school, supporting 22,327 children in the local area during the last year. Including: Enterprise events, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths events. Also Skills for Life, Maths marathons, Junior Masterchef, Apprenticeships. Mock interview days and a wide spectrum of other events plus business engagement events to encourage business volunteering (> 5k volunteers 2017-2018).   By providing a link between businesses and schools, Learning to Work creates opportunities to raise aspirations and develop the skills of today’s young people and we have been providing this service to the world of education and business in the local area for over 25 years.


Get Active Sports are always thinking of the future!


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