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Keep Track Of Your Child's Progress

This is the perfect way to keep track of your childs progress at our extra curriculum clubs.

You can see what aspect of their chosen sport they are working on.

You can download and print off the following to allow your child to keep track of their progress:

Healthy Living Badge Booklet pages: 12,  345.

Activity Diary pages: 12.

Fitness Grading Sheet Instructions

Fitness Grading sheet printable 

Why not share your progress with us on our Get Active Sports Facebook Page!

Every week your child will need to take their grading sheet to their club. Most weeks our coach will spend time on the grading sheet, each time your child has a new signature then please mark it off on their grading sheet. Every time you do, look at for the message of support from Mr Active.

Once your child has completed a whole level on their grading sheet will automatically get a certificate emailed you can print off and ask our coach to sign. Don’t forget to share it to social media for all your friends and family to see.

Don’t forget, there is no better way to help your child then letting them practice, why not test them with the challenges, don’t forget its only a Get Active Coach that can sign the grading sheet off though.

Feeling competitive? Why not try the Get Active Challenge and do the grading sheet yourself, even get the whole family involved.

If your child would like more practice and opportunity then please don’t forget they can practice at our fantastic holiday camps.

Best of luck

The Get Active Team

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