The benefits of music for children.

When you hear a great song on the radio it will more than likely put you in a positive mood. It’s no wonder that learning music for children will have many benefits. The benefits of music for children can be split into two sections as there is both academic and social benefits of learning to play a musical instrument.


To start with music provides multiple academic benefits such as an acceleration in brain development in regions such as language and reading skills. Another added bonus is an increase in mathematical skills as music teaches children how to count and keep in time with everyone else.

These academic benefits are so important when thinking about the advantages of children learning music however another key section is the social side of music.


If children are learning a musical instrument it can be a great source of stress relief as they are able to express themselves in the form of a song. It can also provide children with a sense of responsibility and achievement learning a new skill.

Here at get Active Sports we are starting to introduce musical clubs to our schools, Parlaunt Park school being one of the first, where we are running the below  after school clubs:

We know how much these musical benefits will come into play as the children will be able to interact with others and enjoy learning. This can allow children to express their voices and improve their social skills as they can sing songs with their friends.

However, the biggest positive of all the above benefits is:

Music is a whole heap of fun.

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