Dream Big, Work Hard And Never Give Up!


About Danielle

Danielle won gold in both the Beijing and London Paralympics and became a three times World Champion. Taking gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, she became the first disabled athlete to represent England in an able-bodied discipline and she holds all 12 Paralympic world records. Danielle achieved heights that others didn’t even realise were possible until she did it, setting the standards for others and proving that disability is no bar to achieving.

Success in any environment is characterised by having a winning mentality. Danielle’s experiences of competing at international level for seven years has given her a unique insight into exactly what it takes to thrive under pressure and employ that winning mindset to achieve results. Danielle is now teaching students the strategies that world class athletes use to achieve their potential.

Dream Big, Work Hard And Never Give Up!

By far Danielle’s most popular speech for primary schools, Dream Big, Work Hard And Never Give Up takes pupils on an exciting journey to success. Danielle explores important characteristics in her ‘recipe for success’, explaining how students can become the best version of themselves and achieve anything if they really put their mind to it. Using interesting examples from her career, Danielle teaches pupils how to apply these principles to their education. This improves pupil motivation and self esteem levels.


Danielle has considerable experience talking to both large and small audiences. Danielle has an honest and engaging approach, coupled with a broad understanding of different learning styles which qualifies her to put her message across in an articulate manner that is accessible to all. Danielle’s story will motivate pupils to strive to better their own performance, teaching them how to quickly recover from setbacks and believe that they are capable of achieving.

Danielle Brown

Danielle won gold in both the Beijing and London Paralympics and became a three times World Champion

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