Get Active Athletics


Children will participate in track and field events as seen in the Olympics. Events include: Sprinting, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Hurdles, Relay, Javelin and Shot Put.


Get Active Net games

Net, Wall & Racquet Games

The object of net and wall games is to direct an object into your opponent’s court (within the boundaries) in an attempt to make them miss the object or not be able to reach it.


Get Active Dance and Gymnastics

Dance & Gymnastics

Using routines, floor exercises and apparatus Dance and Gym will develop co-ordination, agility, spatial awareness, core strength and balance.


Get Active Invasion Games

Invasion Games

An invasion game is the term used for any game where the aim is to attack an opponent’s territory and score a goal or point. Usually consisting of teams of equal players these fast paced games focus on teamwork, keeping possession, scoring and defending.


Get Active Striking Games

Striking & Fielding

Striking and Fielding games focus on two main skills, the striking and the fielding. The main objective for the striking team is to hit a ball or object into an open space in the playing area. The fielding team will attempt to return the ball or object before the striking team complete a run between 2 markers.


Get Active Target Games

Target Games

The aim of target games is to send an object usually a ball towards a target in an attempt to get the highest possible score by being closest.


Get Active Self Defence

Self Defence

Self Defence is a counter measure that teaches children the responsible way to defend themselves as a last resort.


Get Active Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is the ultimate Hi-tec action game that can be played anywhere at anytime. With over 15 different missions and 20 different phaser settings we guarantee your event will be one to remember. Missions can take place in your own home, back garden, leisure centre, school or park.


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