We love to throw a party, whether it’s a Birthday, Family Fun Day, Celebration,

Team building day or just a get together with friends!



£100 for up to 20 (minimum of 15)

A qualified Sports Coach will work with you to arrange, plan and oversee your special day.
From team tournaments in Football, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball and many more to Individual games in our Mini Olympics!

A 1hr package for up to 20 includes; x1 Sports Coach, equipment, wristbands for all & 1 Gold trophy – £100.
A 1hr package for up to 40 includes; x2 Sports Coaches, equipment, wristbands for all & 1 Gold trophy  – £140.
Extended sessions and larger group options are available. Please contact us for details



£200 for up to 20 (minimum 0f 15)

The ultimate action game for 8yr+
Missions include favourites such as Domination and Capture the Flag and can take place indoors or outdoors at Leisure Centre’s, School Halls or even your garden!

We provide camouflage netting and inflatable blockades, all of our guns fire harmless infrared beams, with players wearing sensors on their head meaning more agililty and a faster game.
Using teamwork, communication, strategic planning and strong leadership skills, will you be the last team standing?
Our state of the art technology will provide you with a safe, realistic experience.

A 1hr package for up to 20 includes;  Instructor, equipment, wristbands for all & 1 Gold trophy – £200
Please note parties are limited to max.20 and only available for 8yr+
Extended sessions are available. Please contact us for details





Dare to take on the Gladiator Duel or fancy yourself as a Free Kick specialist?
We have an inflatable to create a memorable day. 
These are perfect for any occasion, adult or child can duel on the gladiator or show off your skills on the soccerama shoot-out.
Our Inflatables can be used by anyone or we can provide a member of staff to run your event.
Please contact us for details.



We can come to your chosen venue, even your own garden, or use our links with local leisure centres to hire a space for an additional fee. 


Goody bags!

Our Goody bags are offered as an optional extra and include; Get Active Bag, Water Bottle and a medal – £10



When you book a party you will receive a party pack which includes printable invites.


Coming soon











Our Laser Guns do not use real lasers, the units emit an invisible and harmless infrared beam, similar to a TV remote control. 
So unlike paintball, there is no need for safety goggles and there are no projectiles involved. Laser tag is a non-contact sport. 
Our Laser Guns are built by Battlefield Sports come with Safety Certificates. The system has CE & FCC certification.
Laser Tag gaming can be a strenuous activity and physical exertion may be required.


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